About Dr. Jacobson

Dr. Karen Jacobson, affectionately known as “Dr. J”, has been serving the community for over 21 years, sharing a message of Health and Healing. Her words and inspiration are featured across print, radio and television including Green Living Magazine, Get Image Ready Digital Magazine, The Doctor’s Inn Blog Talk Radio, 12 News Long Island WLIW, 12News WKPNX, Cox 7-AZ, KAZTV and Design & Lifestyle Channel 2644. She is honored to share her stories with the world as a multi-published author in three books: “Change Your World” ,“Chicken Soup for the Soul: Miracles Happen” and “Ready, Aim, Inspire!”.

Her peers have recognized her as a health and wellness expert who focuses her practice on the Mind-body Connection and its effects on self-healing and the human potential. Her own experience with the miracle of naturally healing from Systemic Lupus taught her that there are no limits to what we can create. Health and healing come from within and are guided by our personal blueprint, which is based on our perception of the world, mindset, emotions and beliefs system.

Dr. Jacobson is no stranger to adversity. At the young age of 6, her family relocated from Long Island, New York to Israel. Immersed in a new culture, she learned to adapt to unfamiliar customs and a different language. By the time she graduated from high school, she had already experienced two wars and proceeded to serve two years of mandatory service in the Israeli Army.

When Dr. Jacobson turned 17, she was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus. She spent four years in and out of hospitals dealing with this devastating disease. At her lowest point both physically and emotionally, she made the choice to turn away from traditional medicine and begin a path of self-discovery and natural healing – a journey which ultimately lead to her complete recovery.

She explored Holistic Health and discovered a variety of therapies such as Energy Work, Macrobiotic Nutrition, Yoga and Meditation. The greatest change occurred when she sought regular Chiropractic Care, which inspired her to earn a Doctorate in Chiropractic from New York Chiropractic College back in 1992.

Along her journey to self-healing and self-discovery, Dr. Jacobson studied the works of master teachers Dr. Wayne Dyer, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Bernie Siegel, Stephen Covey, Jack Canfield, Og Mandino and Louise Hay. In the early 90s, she was given the opportunity to work with Hay House and was honored to have met several of her teachers in person.

Just before graduating from chiropractic school, Dr. Jacobson received a special gift that would change her life. The book Unlimited Power by Anthony Robbins and his Personal Power cassette series served as her introduction to the world of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and the studies of success and Human Potential. Fascinated by Robbins’ wisdom and insight, Dr. Jacobson attended “Unleash the Power Within” in 1993 where she was forever changed when she courageously participated in the life-transforming “Fire Walk”.

Having invested years studying human behavior and communication as well as the Law of Attraction, she attended The Tad James Company to receive her Certifications in Coaching, NLP, Time Line Therapy (™) and Hypnotherapy. Alongside her practice, she developed her passion for creative expression through song, dance, and acting. Her time spent as a competitive Latin Ballroom dancer and performer has inspired a series of leadership talks that motivate the world to embrace their creativity to achieve greater levels of influence, communication and teamwork.


Now as a highly respected personal development and success coach, published author, speaker, and wellness expert, Dr. Jacobson draws from over 22 years of experience to empower people around the globe to express their ultimate potential in life so they can create meaningful relationships, financial success, and optimal health. By blending her passion for creative movement, chiropractic, healing arts and personal growth, she offers patients the unique opportunity for complete Wellness Coaching. As a Mind-Body Success Coach, she combines Intuition and Science to provide the keys to Live an Extraordinary Life!