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  • Are you someone who has already achieved high levels of success and you’re constantly striving to keep getting ahead yet you’re paying a high price by not spending enough time with the people who matter most to you?

  • Do you always feel the stress of deadlines and work responsibilities, you’re not sleeping well at night and your health is suffering all leading to breakdown, headaches, fatigue, digestive issues?

  • Worse, are you’re feeling overwhelmed by the weight of it all and as a result your finances are unstable and inconsistent?

If this is you, you are living your life out of balance!

It’s time to stop the downhill slide before it’s too late!

As a High Performance Strategist I work with entrepreneurs and corporate executives who are at  the top of their game. I help you stay successful while regaining balance in your relationships, your health and your life; so you can tap into that limitless power within, unlock your ultimate potential and live an extraordinary life!

Are you ready to change your life today?

I have a special offer for you!


Unlock Your Ultimate Potential will provide you a better understanding of what causes you make certain decisions, how to create a new blueprint for your life and make decisions that will lead you towards more desirable results.

Dr. Jacobson is no stranger to adversity. At the young age of 6, her family relocated from Long Island, New York to Israel. Immersed in a new culture, she learned to adapt to unfamiliar customs and a different language.

Yes, it is that time a year again, time to create your goals and envision your future. How many of you actually take the time to sit down and write your goals?  How many of you review your goals throughout the year?

Chiropractic Care

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“I had the pleasure of experiencing Dr. Karen Jacobson facilitate and oversee a coaching training of up and coming coaches. She has an infectious passion for drawing out the best in those around her. Empowered with an incredible wealth of knowledge in the Wellness field sets Dr. Karen Jacobson apart from other coaches. The resources she shared with me, literally changed my life beyond what I thought was possible. It is not only my pleasure, but also an honor, to highly recommend her as a coach for anyone interested in pursuing a better quality of life.”

 Jeff Faldalen – Founder of California Success Coaching

“Dr. Karen Jacobson truly is gifted when it comes to coaching others. She positively impacts everyone she interacts with on a daily basis. She demonstrates the desire to continue to grow and evolve by consistently learning new and innovative techniques, like Time Line Therapy® and NLP Coaching techniques, so that she can constantly offer to her clients the most cutting-edge techniques used in the human transformation industry. She always puts her clients first! Anyone who has the opportunity to work with Dr. Karen will be nothing short of highly impressed.”

Stephan Schafeitel – International NLP Trainer & Master  NLPCoaching

Dr. Karen Jacobson